Secondary Glazing – London, Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex.

Secondary glazing is a slim additional window to your existing window. They are designed to reduce external noise and provide thermal insulation. All our secondary glazing is bespoke to your property and offers a great solution if your windows cannot be replaced due to restrictions such as listed buildings and conservation areas. They are unobtrusive and barely visible from the outside and retain the original style and character of the building. The secondary glazing will blend in seamlessly with your windows, so they are practically invisible when installed.

Secondary glazing will provide noise reduction, extra security, warmth, eliminating draughts, lower your energy bills and are very low maintenance. They are quicker to install than double glazing so there is minimal disruption when the works are taking place.

Our secondary glazing can come in any colour you wish, matching the existing windows to provide a neat finish. They move freely so access to your original windows is easy and are much more cost effective than double glazing

Our secondary glazing glass is available in a range of thicknesses, 4, 6, and 6.4mm. To achieve the maximum potential of reducing unwanted external noise a 100mm airgap is required.

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Our windows are packed with features - here are a few:

  • Reduction in external noise and draughts
  • Unobtrusive and slim-line frames
  • Bespoke to your property
  • Perfect for listed buildings and conservation areas
  • Experienced and skilled installation

See below the results achieved once the secondary glazing has been installed.

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